Go America

Art Direction, Design

Go America - A once in a lifetime project where Geico and VICE sent a small team around the United States to create a travel guide that explores some of the more eccentric road trip options. We stopped across strange and beautiful sights, attractions and met some wonderful characters along the way. My role was to form the general art direction, layout the websites and create illustrations. It was a massive pleasure working closely with our photographer Julian Master

︎︎︎Photography: Julian Master
︎︎︎Creative: Joe Burger
︎︎︎Words: River Donaughy, Lauren Oyler

New Orleans ︎︎︎ Alabama ︎︎︎ North Florida ︎︎︎ Everglades

Colorado ︎︎︎ New Mexico ︎︎︎ South New Mexico/West Texas ︎︎︎ San Antonio/Austin

Seattle ︎︎︎ Portland ︎︎︎ Oregon ︎︎︎ Northern California ︎︎︎ San Francisco

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